CALAR- Clustering Among Luminal Androgen Receptor and basal subtypes


Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, and unsupervised clustering approaches using gene expression data have identified 3-6 distinct subtypes of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC). A genomic ally and clinically distinct subtype of TNBC is referred to as LAR (Luminal Androgen Receptor). Tumors with this subtype typically express high levels of the AR and exhibit alterations within genes involved in the PI3K pathway (e.g. PIK3CA mutations). Prospective studies are underway using drugs that target the AR alone or in combination with PI3K and CDK 4/6 inhibitors. Given the importance of accurately identifying this subtype, we sought to develop an online tool that uses submitted gene expression data to confidently characterize LAR samples by corroborating the classification with previously published clustering approaches.


Web-based Tool