Erin Carlson

Statistical Programmer Analyst

1. SLCO1B1 polymorphisms and plasma estrone conjugates in postmenopausal women with ER+ breast cancer: genome-wide association studies of the estrone pathway.

2. Genetic Polymorphisms in the Long Noncoding RNA MIR2052HG Offer a Pharmacogenomic Basis for the Response of Breast Cancer Patients to Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy.

3. Genetic variations associated with gemcitabine treatment outcome in pancreatic cancer.

4. Metformin pharmacogenomics: a genome-wide association study to identify genetic and epigenetic biomarkers involved in metformin anticancer response using human lymphoblastoid cell lines.

5. A polygenic risk score for breast cancer in women receiving tamoxifen or raloxifene on NSABP P-1 and P-2.

6. Aromatase inhibitor-associated bone fractures: a case-cohort GWAS and functional genomics.

7. Acquired chromosomal anomalies in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients compared with more than 50,000 quasi-normal participants.

8. Selective estrogen receptor modulators and pharmacogenomic variation in ZNF423 regulation of BRCA1 expression: individualized breast cancer prevention.

9. TSPYL5 SNPs: association with plasma estradiol concentrations and aromatase expression.

10. Evaluation of CYP2D6 and efficacy of tamoxifen and raloxifene in women treated for breast cancer chemoprevention: results from the NSABP P1 and P2 clinical trials.

11. Genome-wide linkage analyses of hereditary prostate cancer families with colon cancer provide further evidence for a susceptibility locus on 15q11-q14.

12. Estimation of genotype relative risks from pedigree data by retrospective likelihoods.

13. Dense genome-wide SNP linkage scan in 301 hereditary prostate cancer families identifies multiple regions with suggestive evidence for linkage.

14. Searching for epistasis and linkage heterogeneity by correlations of pedigree-specific linkage scores.

15. Strong evidence of a genetic determinant for mammographic density, a major risk factor for breast cancer.

16. Affected relative pairs and simultaneous search for two-locus linkage in the presence of epistasis.

17. Genome-wide linkage scan of prostate cancer Gleason score and confirmation of chromosome 19q.

18. Prostate cancer and genetic susceptibility: a genome scan incorporating disease aggressiveness.

19. Alcohol intake in adolescence and mammographic density.